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Office of Institutional Research

What is Institutional Research?

Peterson (1985) defines institutional research as "a critical intermediary function that links the educational, managerial, and information functions of higher education institutions." Saupe (1981) extends this definition by emphasizing the importance of internal data gathering and analysis to the management of post-secondary educational institutions.

Four basic activities describe institutional research:

  • collecting data about the performance of an institution,
  • collecting data about the environment of an institution,
  • analyzing and interpreting the collected data, and
  • transforming and interpreting data analyses into information that can be used to support the institutional planning, set institutional policies, and make academic and management decisions.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The Lenoir-Rhyne University Office of Institutional Research and Assessment has the primary responsibility for:

  • managing, reporting, and analyzing institutional data;
  • responding to data requests from internal and external stakeholders;
  • enhancing the University's ability to develop sound policies and make data-driven decisions in support of LR's strategic planning and institutional effectiveness processes;
  • developing and overseeing the implementation of assessment plans for academic and administrative units; and
  • coordinating institutional accreditation.



Institutional Research

Institutional Research
PO Box 7288
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